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Funtainer rocks Miami

Miami witnessed the Funtainer’s charm on 18 January at a glittering event attended by close to 100 customers. This is the 5th stop-over of Funtainer, after it rocked Mexico, Singapore, Australia and India.

In addition to regional sales managers and branch managers, colleagues from China, England and Mexico and, partners from Jamaica and Trinidad also flew in to Miami for the Funtainer party. The rocking event provided a brilliant opportunity to connect with the customers and other partners of the industry.


The Funtainer aims to build and strengthen ECU Worldwide’s relationships with its customers. It demonstrates that ECU Worldwide has the capabilities to support its customers for their logistical needs, irrespective of the geographies involved.


In the last few months, USA witnessed a series of natural disasters by Hurricane Maria and Harvey. Team ECU Worldwide, despite the difficult times, rose up to the challenge and got the offices to function quickly and efficiently, showcasing a great sense of assurance.


John Abisch, head ECU Worldwide USA thanked all our customers, partners, business associates and colleagues for their support and pledged to provide ease to customers through continuous  improvement and customer focus.