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Technology Initiatives by ECU Worldwide to Empower your Business

For ECU Worldwide, you and your business come first. You get better management and cost control because all our technology initiatives are intended to empower your business with increased visibility, interaction and efficiency. You have much to gain from our digital innovations and strengths in design, which is why we view them as important strategic assets for the present and the future.

ECU 360

ECU 360 tool breaks away from the conventional time and energy-consuming processes and brings you an enhanced convenience. You will appreciate its interactive and personalized experience. 

The tool is to empower our customers and ease their work with us; it is a complete customer-centric personalised platform which will enable shorter wait time, faster online bookings and invoice generation and reduced paperwork.

ECU 360’s evolved technology interface facilitates a faster and better exchange of information in real time. Within a few clicks you can book, track, trace and access all the historical data without human intervention. With so much convenience packed into one application, your logistic challenges transform into one smooth efficient process.

Move more, move further … without paper.

You will experience a transformed convenience with ECU 360’s one-window access to your historical data and reduced coordination time.

You gain when information is instant

What do you need? Quote? Billing information? New shipment booking? Everything is just a few clicks away.

Eyes on your shipment

Get real-time tracking information, wherever you are. No more guesswork.

Make full use of digital power. Sign up for ECU 360 now.

Manage your shipments online.


Generate automated replies instantly for your sailing schedule and cargo track and trace queries. To generate a sailing schedule, e-Mail us at and for cargo track and trace queries send your mail to for instant update.


Book our services on INTTRA, CargoWise and Direct, and also integrate ECU Worldwide in your existing EDI system.


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