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Funtainer | ECU Worldwide
We also deliver fun!

The Funtainer, helmed by the wonderful Captain Funtastic, is our way of celebrating the bond we share with our customers, partners and associates. It is your trust and support that has put us on the top spot in the LCL business globally.

The Funtainer is a 20 ft container modified into a funzone. It started its journey in Mumbai, India on 2nd September 2016, and is on a worldwide journey tobring our stakeholders closer to the ECU Worldwide brand. It symbolizes our global presence with the ‘One World, One Office’ philosophy. Throughout its multiple stops, the Funtainer has delivered a memorable and entertaining experience to our clients, who are surely going to cherish it for a long time. received it with unbarred enthusiasm.

The inimitable mascot Captain Funtastic steers the Funtainer on its journey and is a gracious host, event manager and cheerleader – all rolled in one. Here is brining you glimpses of our Funtainer Parties from across the globe.

The Italian Club, Fremantle saw one of the most exciting events on the evening of 23rd June, 2017 with the Funtainer as the centre-piece in a party that was attended by over 120 customers. Low cold winter temperatures in the city hardly kept the excitement away. A street acrobat troop performed fire juggling and the DJ played thumping music for our customers who were impressed with the Funtainer.

Representatives from every freight company, regular suppliers and port authority of Fremantle, joined the party.


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